That's weird, no other artist seems to have an "About me" section on their website. Why is that?

It's incredibly important to me to reach you, to inspire you and to give you a fun experience at concerts! So I thought it's only fair to let you guys know some things about myself so you can see - and listen - right through me.

So much for that, here comes the important question: 

Who am I and what's with the name?

My real name is Anna Heimrath.

AnJosef is a combination of Anna and Josef Heimrath, the names of my paternal great great great grandparents.The idea behind AnJosef was, and still is, to share my family's history and to make sure I cherish their memory, but of course my own experiences, my thoughts and feelings, as well as adventures and love stories are included as well. I always challenge myself to write in a raw and organic way for this very reason, so that you, my audience, receive nothing but the truth.

My music and I are always there for whoever needs a strong shoulder, a spark of courage or even just a night to remember.

Love, AnJosef