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Singer and Songwriter

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After their debut single Hide & Seek which made it into the Top 10 Airplay Charts right away, now her follow-up single "Petit Voyage" comes along and is the precursor to her first album. The producer team "welovestockholm" who also produced the follow-up number with AnJosef believes that the 2nd single has enormous potential. A combination of a tender and fragile voice with power and dynamics in the chorus - a hook that can't get out of your ears...

Petit Voyage is now available at the typical music platforms

AnJosef Linkfire

Hide & Seek is now available at the typical music platforms

AnJosef Linkfire


AnJosef aka Anna Heimrath is certainly one of the most talented up-and-coming singer and songwriter in Europe. Her extraordinary and unique voice and style was showcased in “The Voice of Germany 2017” where she became one of the show’s finalists. Following her exposure on the show, she has quickly grown a massive fan base and audience especially after performing her very own interpretations of songs like “Fix You” from Coldplay. Fans, coaches, and friends such as die Fantastischen Vier, Beth Ditto, James Blunt, Yvonne Catterfeld, and Mark Forster are amazed by her voice and are very eager to hear her debut single:


                                   HIDE & SEEK

“Hide and Seek” is drawn from the collaboration of AnJosef and “welovestockholm” - a newly formed producer team that, as individuals, achieved various international successes in producing various pop and dance tracks. They are staying behind the scenes but after producing “Hide and Seek,” welovestockholm are convinced to work out a complete album with AnJosef. The album will be released in 2019.

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